Scenes and networks : France-Quebec cooperation project

Scènes en réseaux – Lab QC-FR 2019-2020 is a France-Quebec cooperation project, led jointly by Occitanie en Scène and Réseau Scènes (a network of professional, multidisciplinary disseminators in Quebec), in partnership with La danse sur les routes du Québec (a Quebec network of disseminators, choreographic artists and dance companies).

The project will close at the end of 2020. Due to Covid-imposed health constraints in both countries, the final steps of the project have been organised via video conferencing.
This includes performance presentation within Fenêtre de la création, organised by the Théâtre de Longueil. And, the December meeting, planned to take place in France, during which artists video present their creation.

France-Quebec — september 2020

France-Quebec — september 2020


Three workshops are planned for the end of the year.

Workshop 1: Professional Immersion. Unfortunately, delegations are practically impossible at this time.
Workshop 2: Professional tandems. Three to four pairs have been selected. For one week, French and Quebec partners have worked together on four themes: cultural mediation, team leadership and fundraising, residency and the territorial presence of artists, network leadership and coordination. For Occitanie, participants are L’Atelline, the Chai du Terral and NeufNeuf festival. Experts will join the event.
Workshop 3: Laboratory. Choreographer, Benjamin Meunier, who is currently working on jigs, will organise three sessions on this research theme. Experts will join the event. Further research into professional specificities in each of the two countries, is also under study.

During December and January, analysis assessments will be carried out on the France-Quebec partnership. The plan is to foster a similar project over the next two years.

The partners:
Occitanie en Scène (project coordinator for France)
Réseau Scènes (project coordinator for Quebec)
La danse sur les routes du Québec (associate partner)


This project is co-funded by the Commission Permanente de Coopération Franco-Québécoise


Coopération France-Québec