Archive mensuelle : février 2020

Rijeka 2019: introducing the IETM network

Further to offering support for professionals in the region, Occitanie en scène develops its project by taking teams of artists and organisations beyond their regular networks. For the […]

Quebec and Occitanie closer together

The cooperation project Scènes en reseaux (networked stages) has the joint support of Occitanie en scène and Réseau Scènes (a network of multidisciplinary professional outlets in Quebec), in […]

A French-Spanish delegation in Santiago de Chile for Pyrenart

Nine organisations from both sides of the Pyrenees have joined forces to set up Pyrenart with the aim of developing and boosting the French and Spanish performance arts […]

Be SpectACTive! 2: creations, co-productions, meetings, digital networks – so many projects!

Be SpectACTive! is a project designed to foster engagement by citizens and spectators in performing arts (programming, creation, etc.). For the second season of this Europe-wide venture, Occitanie […]