Pyrenart, fresh determination to go above and beyond!

Pyrenart has been co-run by all nine cross-border partners since 16th October 2017.
Through the project, the performing arts players network seeks to reaffirm the existence of a veritable
Pyrenean artistic identity. The project partners strive to give wider visibility to this identity.
The Poctefa programme has made this ambitious project a practical reality, thus strengthening the Pyrenean cultural fabric.

After three intense years of cooperation around a common goal, the project officially ended on 16th October 2020. Pyrenart represents:

8 co-produced performances:

Là/ Falaise, Baro d’Evel,
Sareak, Organik dantza,
Saison de Cirque, Cirque Aïtal,
Here, Lali Ayguade and Guilhem Chatir,
La melancolía del turista, Oligor y Microscopia,
Sonoma, La Veronal,
Hidden, Lali Ayguadé,
El lago, La Mov.

Sonoma — La Veronal


10 local performances produced:

IUanmI, Lali Ayguadé,
Face à terre, Dans6T,
Birdie, Señor Serrano,
Just for the money, Macarena Recuerda,
Matria, Carla Rovira,
Kultur, El Conde de Torrefiel,
Parias, Javier Aranda,
Se respira en el jardín como en un bosque, El Conde de Torrefiel,
Thats the story of my life, Macarena Recuerda,
Catadtrofe, La Caja Flotante.

That’s the story of my life — Macarena Recuerda

That’s the story of my life — Macarena Recuerda


4 international shows hosted:

We love Arabs, Hillel Kogan,
Requiem pour L., Alain Platel,
The generosity of Dorcas, Jan Fabre,
Trahisons, Tg STAN.

Pyrenart also involved:

2 study trips with 32 companies from the Poctefa area,
4 project presentations during professional events (FiraTàrrega, Merkatua, Dferia),
2 seminars including 1 online (webinar),
1 supertitling workshop,
3 professional events,
3 jobshadow sessions with 11 members of partner teams,
6 presentations of artistic projects, …and, hundreds of hours of coordination, preparation and exchange between partners.

We are currently developing:

A Mooc: « How to produce and disseminate internationally »
A web and mobile application to facilitate translation, with a professional touring lexicon
A qualitative and quantitative assessment of Pyrenart (entrusted to ProfileCulture).

In view of the success of these achievements, fully convinced of the positive impact of structured cooperation on the Pyrenean area, and in the face of lockdown-induced stoppages, Pyrenart’s partners have applied for a project extension (until December 31st, 2021). This confirms partner determination to create a Pyrenean framework for work, pooling and exchange. Programme response is expected by November 26th, 2020.


Pyrenart's partners in Santiago de Chile

Pyrenart’s partners in Santiago de Chile


The Pyrenart project is co-funded by the European Union (Feder) in the framework of POCTEFA 2014-2020, the prefecture of the Occitanie region, the Occitanie/ Pyrénées-Méditerranée regional council, the Pyrénées-Orientales departmental council, the Grand Auch Cœur de Gascogne greater district council, FNADT in the framework of the 2015-2020 Massif des Pyrénées cross-region convention and the government of Navarra.